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Sexy pantyhose is glad to show you some photo-shoots belonging to the movie “Wives Night In” from Nylonknots. Nylonknots is a nylon fetish bondage movie producer which can offer you a wide selection of pantyhose bondage erotic clips along with thousands of pantyhose fetish pictures featuring erotic stories.
Let’s take a look to the synopsis of this clip to find out: two Housewives have a night in, while their husbands are away, but weren’t aware that one of them had an unwelcome admirer. After rendering them unconscious with sleeping gas and tying and gagging them with their own nylons, he dresses them up in various outfits whilst they try and escape the bondage torment. He reties them with each change of clothes he forces upon them, finally encasing them both head to toe in NYLON!
Is it one of their husbands? Or could they really be in trouble with this total stranger…?

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Today Sexy pantyhose would like to offer you some pictures taken from the erotic movie of “Missed Meeting”, a pantyhose fetish bondage movie released by Nylonknots. Nylonknots is one of the best pantyhose bondage clips producer and can provide you a with a good selection of nylon fetish pictures and movies having fictional fantasies.
You may find below a summary of this movie:
“A secretary uses her Boss’s credit card to go shopping, but the Lady boss finds out and makes Helen pay for wrong-doing! Then the situation gets reversed,with the Boss lady getting the bound & gagged treatment, followed finally by a sales rep who is not selling, but robbing businesses and femdomming her victims.

But the Boss lady finds her and gets her revenge only for a final twist when an uninvited guest appears…

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Missed Meeting preview

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Pantyhose blog is going to show you some pictures taken from the making of “Tough Tactics”, a nylon fetish bondage movie released by Nylonknots. Nylonknots is pantyhose bondage erotic clips producer which can offer you a fine selection of pantyhose fetish pictures and movies featuring fetish fictional fantasies. Here’s an excerpt of the movie:
A deranged woman (Kat) and her friend (Wicked Nicki) are out to kidnap other women. They actually chase their prey, knock them down, tie them up and rob them of all their belongings: jewels, clothing, shoes and even hose! They first take advantage of their gagged and bound victims and then trade them as sex slaves. In this movie, we see Kat getting caught and arrested by police. She then undergoes interrogation by two female detectives (Louise & Sammie). Kat arrogantly tells about her past adventures (involving Nicki, Tanya and Tori), which we get to see as she narrates the details to the two detectives. Kat tricks one of the detectives into leaving the interrogation room and manages to free herself…
Will the second detective come back in time to rescue her partner and prevent Kat from escaping? We shouldn’t bet on that… I even think we might see more of Kat’s adventures in a subsequent movie!

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Tough Tactics preview

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Even tonight I was late for my session in the gym.

I leave the car with my bag and I am going to the locker rooms.
After wearing my suit and my black Lycra leggings blue, I realize I have forgotten at home my sneakers.
Damn! Donna, my trainer. enters the dressing room.
“What happened to you? We waited 10 minutes ago to begin …”. Sorry Donna, I found a little traffic.
I also realized I have forgotten my shoes”.”Well, you must start now, otherwise the next round could have problems.
You’ll perform your exercises entering the gym with your stockings, do not worry.”
“Ok, I am coming”.

After joining the gym, I take the list of the exercises from the register and started my work from the floor exercises.
I lie down on all fours and lift my legs back, alternating the right foot with the left one.

Donna approached me, and while extending my leg, She grabbed my foot gently bringing it a little more back.
“Try to pull your foot a little more.” “Okay, I’ll try,” I reply.

Even during the abdominal exercises, Donna’s coming toward me and lifted my leg higher, building on the foot.
It’s almost as if she have a fondness for that part of my body. But probably it’s only my impression.

At the end of the session, after drinking a bit of water, I get back to the locker room to change.
At that point Donna comes in and tells me “I need to talk with you for a while.” Then she stepped to the door of the locker room and locked it.

“What the hell, are you doing ?”. Donna approached me and after having raised both my arms she starts to kiss me languidly with her mouth.
I remain shocked and unable to react. Donna then goes to kiss my neck and my back.

An unexpected sensation of pleasure began to radiate into my body, so without realizing it I yield to the sensual caress of Donna.
Donna lowers her arms and her right hand raised down my shirt and starts to touch my breasts, then her mouth starts to kiss my chest above the nipples.

I start to take off my jeans remaining dressed only in shirt and tights. Donna seem excited at the sight of my legs covered in nylon.
To meet her wishes, I lie down on the bench in the locker room and she takes the tip of my right nylon foot key with her hands sucking it greedily.

Then she move her mouth on my legs, biting her lips with the inner thighs and stopping next to my vagina.

Here she begins languidly to lick my pussy, through the pantyhose. Her action is slow and experienced.
The excitement quickly shook my body with little shock, until orgasm takes hold of me making me groan intensely.

Donna exiting and sits astride behind me whispered: “I’m glad you shared this experience with me.
The sight of your feet covered by pantyhose sent me into ecstasy and I could not resist.
Maybe you could forget the shoes some other times or come to see me at closing time.”
“I promise that I will think about that.” I reply, turning to kiss her hard.

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Clarissa told me about a working dinner at which we both participate.
We will meet with Mara, the Director of Marketing Department to discuss some guidelines on future sales campaigns.

Clarissa told me to dress formally, but with an intriguing inner track and a pair of pantyhose open in the pubic area, apparently se wants to deepen our special relationship of dependence, even outside the office.

Sitting in a table in an elegant downtown restaurant Clarissa introduces me Mara, age 42, single, dark hair and skin when tanned.
Her body is lean and slender sign of a frequent physical activity.

Mara begins to speak, saying, “Well, she is the recent purchase of our company, my congratulations. The presentation that Clarissa has made you perfect match.” “I hope she highlighted only the positive aspects, I reply. “Oh, yes. She certainly has shown your special abilities,” Mara replied with a mischievous smile on his lips.

The evening spent discussing the planning of activities. When Mara at some point stop we saying, “Well, I’d say the most important points have been defined. How about continuing the evening in my hotel room, let’s get a drink and relax a bit.”

A taxi takes us to Mara’s hotel. Mara approached the bar and prepare for all of us a Martini with white ice.
We settle on the counter and Clarissa starts to kiss Mara while sipping her drink. It is now clear the kind of distraction in which Mara wanted to involve us.

Clarissa then asks, turning to Mara: “It will take much? Not wait to get started.” “No, it will not, the tranquilizer that I dissolved in the Martini is very quick”.
Both are suddenly turning toward me with a knowing smile and soon I wonder I fallen into their perverse trap.

My head starts to spin, while my arms and legs are suddenly heavy. Clarissa and Mara undress.

Clarissa has a complete red underwear with gray smoke pantyhose to which has put us a couple white stockings.
Mara instead wears a thin nylon suit that covers the whole body, showing her sculpted breasts.

Clarissa quickly let me stripped naked, with only pantyhose open on. Then she carried me to the foot of the couch and began to move her feet covered with two layers of nylon on my breast towards my face. Mara takes a sheer-to-waist strap-on, under the suit of nylon, which keeps it upright.
At the same time she took an electric vibrator from a drawer and started coming up to me to stimulate the clitoral area.

Clarissa, moves her feet on my face covering my nose and mouth, making my breathing more difficult. Meanwhile, Mara continued to masturbate me with the vibrator.
I begin to moan with pleasure thanks to the powerful stimulation of the vibrator and the control of breathing. My vagina starts to become damp and stank.
Now Mara is excited to hear my cries and wants to enter with her strap-on veiled by stocking.

The idea of getting that so big item inside me, scares me and so I try to get away for what it allows me my lack of strength.

“Clarissa looks, your slave wants to escape! There is no need to teach her a little ‘discipline?”.
“Not everyday stresses Mara, I’ll take care of her immediately.”

That said, she comes toward me, and soon I begin to repent of my refusal. Clatissa takes a black stocking ups from a drawer and slips it over my head throughout its length, until the cloth pressed firmly on the ledges of my face.
Then she pulls out a condom from its package and starts to roll it over the stocking that she had put me on first!

I would resist, but it is totally useless, plastic condom covers my face complying with the stocking and de facto holding my breath.

I started to move suddenly trying in vain to catch my breath, while Clarisse and Mara savor the pleasure of my punishment.
After ten interminable seconds, the condom is lifted, allowing me to breathe.

“Well, I hope the lesson will be served, but just because you did not manage to forget…” Again she lowers the condom on my face, holding it so once again.
Then exhausted by this test, Mara approaches and thrusts her strap-on inside me, moving in and out rhythmically.
Clarissa puts me back her double veiled feet on my face and starts masturbating herself through pantyhose.

After a few minutes of penetration, while I’m about to reach orgasm, Clarissa, without interrupting the masturbation, down again clouded the condom on my face by the toes. And suddenly my orgasm explodes violently, silently blocked by the plastic cap and tights on my face.
Clarissa then free me from coercion and begins to pant without any limits.

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I was very excited. I have been chosen as an intern, among dozens of other candidates, at a company that supplies technology services.
I was assigned the job of assistant sales manager. Clarissa was the manager I had to collaborate with, I had a work station next to her office, took appointments and I took care of her public relations.

One morning, I had to prepare a report that Clarissa would discuss with the governing board, but the day before I forgot my notes on her desk. Therefore I get to Clarissa’s office to recover them. In raising the sheets I inadvertently move the mouse of her PC.
The PC was unlocked and the screen saver disappeared suddenly showing some photos of women in various poses, which were subjected to various methods to master voluptuousness.

All women scantily clad and wearing blacks or transparent pantyhose.

I remain shocked by the pictures and I hurried away. Unfortunately at that time Clarissa crosses the office door, surprising even care to stare at the screen. Her face, usually relaxed, was contracting in a tense expression, now.

“What the hell are you doing there? Have I allowed to peek into my business?”.

Clarissa comes to me while I was flat on the wall scared. The report leaves fall at my feet, forming a mass decomposed.

She grabs both my arms and set them behind my back. From her desk, she take a red silk rope and wrap it tightly around my wrists blocking my hands. I try desperately to free myself from her grip, and I try to scream for help, but she led me opening my mouth and inserting a pantyhose into it.

Subsequently she took a first aid kit from a drawer and pulls out a roll of elastic band for sprains from the box.
She begins to wrap my mouth with several rounds of elastic band. Not yet satisfied, she takes a new package of transparent pantyhose from the drawer, pulls them off and then she puts it over my head throughout its length, thus firmly fixing the gag I had before.

My protests are now only faint moans barely perceptible. “That’s better,” says Clarissa, “I’ll teach you what happens to nosy.”
Clarissa looses the trousers of her tailler and slips off her shoes, remaining only in sheer flesh-colored tights and shirt.

She extends onto the floor, sitting on my face with her vagina covered by nylon next to my gag. “I’m much more comfortable now.”
Breathing is very difficult, and at each attempt, my lungs are full of humors of Clarissa. Fear assails me thinking about what might happen next, but at the same time an irrational excitement began to pervade my mind.

After I submitted some minutes to the torture, Clarissa lifts my shirt and pulls me, leaving me topless.
“Oh, but what we have here. I must say that you’re not bad at all”. So she began to caress my body with her feet from sheer pantyhose, lingering on my nipples with a sensual movement.

Then she extends her supple legs over my chest and puts her feet on my face, again closing access roads through the air.
She goes on with this torture depriving me of air for a few seconds and then letting it fill my lungs.
Tired of this business she decides to make the game more interesting.

So she pulls off my tights and panties. Pushes back her feet against my face and shoves my pantyhose on my head at the same time wrapping her feet, pressed on my face. Oxygen deprivation is almost total and I can feel the smell of its ends mixed with nylon.
She keeps me locked in this position for 30 interminable seconds, then raises the pantyhose from my face to make me catch my breath.

Then she proceeds again with this torture for 3 more times. The fear inside of me has now given way to a overwhelming passion that creeps into my body and push my blood to throb violently.

“Well, I think that would suffice as a lesson for today. There is only a few last detail”.

Just said what above, she gentky places her nylon veiled foot on my vagina by turning it around the pubic area, the contact of the nylon over my pussy causes an indescribable thrill, and soon my vagina becomes moist. So thanks to lower resistance, Clarissa begins to penetrate me with the tip of the foot, languidly stimulating my clitoris. The shivers of pleasure down my back go up and soon lead me to a lot of excitement poorly retained by the gag that forces me.

Clarissa smiled mischievously and begins to tidy herself up. Leaving me bound and gagged even she comes close to my ear and whispers “Thou shalt not do any word of what happened this afternoon. Otherwise, I will endeavor fire you and you will not get any other jobs in this state. If you behave yourself running all my orders, you’ll keep your work and I will ensure that you enjoy my consideration in the future”.

Of course I had little choice, but despite this I accepted with enthusiasm. Basically as a manager would have had lots to teach!

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