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Pretty lez girlfriends don their new shiny tights for a wet nylon quickie.

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Dorothy is spying her housewife Caterine while she is collecting a couple of clean pantyhose from the washing machine. Caterine notices too late of her perverse mistress and so she is caught from behind by Dorothy who wants to subdue her to her pantyhose kinky fantasies. Dorothy catches Caterine’s hair and forces her to kiss her lips. Then Dorothy slips her fingers into Caterine’s pussy and starts to masturbate her voluptuousness. Next Caterine has no option but to lick Dorothy’s intimate parts along with her luscious breasts.

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Sexy pantyhose is glad to show you some photo-shoots belonging to the movie “Wives Night In” from Nylonknots. Nylonknots is a nylon fetish bondage movie producer which can offer you a wide selection of pantyhose bondage erotic clips along with thousands of pantyhose fetish pictures featuring erotic stories.
Let’s take a look to the synopsis of this clip to find out: two Housewives have a night in, while their husbands are away, but weren’t aware that one of them had an unwelcome admirer. After rendering them unconscious with sleeping gas and tying and gagging them with their own nylons, he dresses them up in various outfits whilst they try and escape the bondage torment. He reties them with each change of clothes he forces upon them, finally encasing them both head to toe in NYLON!
Is it one of their husbands? Or could they really be in trouble with this total stranger…?

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Bella, Bri and Kristin Get Really Friendly In The Bellagio Penthouse Shower In Mocha Silkies Pantyhose!

Blonde kittens play hot games on their pantyhose covered bodies


Sexy pantyhose is proud to ahow you some stills taken from the movie of “Taxing Matters”, a pantyhose fetish bondage movie released by Nylonknots. Nylonknots is one of the best pantyhose bondage clips producer and can provide you a with a good selection of nylon fetish pictures and movies having fictional fantasies.
You may find below a summary of this movie:
“Jessie, the insurance loss adjuster, gets a visit from an old friend Nicki and her colleague, asking her to falsify an insurance claim. To ensure things go smoothly, Nicki deals with Jessie’s assistant using her bondage frame to ensure Louise stays still, whilst being dominated and to make sure that she doesn’t get in the way of the claim being processed.

When Jessie in the end refuses to do anymore, Nicki then gives Jessie the same treatment as her assistant, to make her come round to do things her way. But Nicki’s taunts to her colleague about being better than him, get her into trouble and get her a nasty surprise, when in the end, all three girls end up in serious up side down trouble!”

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Taxing Matters preview

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