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Redhead cutie can’t keep her strap-on in her silky control top pantyhose

Shelly works as housewife at Monia’s home, a rich business woman.
Shelly is working for the same employer since 2 years, she really like her job especially the fun part of it.
In fact Monia is not really satisfied by the sex encounters she has with her husband, most probably due to the lesbian tendecies she had since since she was a young girl.
So when Shelly came to her home, Monia was really intrigued to know Shelly shares her same passion for lesbian love sessions.
The only additional request by Shelly is that she likes to be a master while doing their lesbian games, and she asked Monia to wear tan pantyhose along with her luscious lingerie because she have a strong fetish for the nylon fabric.
Once agreed about the details they met inside Monia’s bathroom where Shelly undresses her skirt showing an exciting strapon underneath.
At first Shelly pretended Monia licks and sucks wildly her nylon clad strapon so as soon as she gets hot and wet, she moves her pantyhose down slowly penetrating Monia from behind.
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Nasty babes double their pleasure under pantyhose in frenzied FFM fucking

Glenda and Elena, would like to have some fun. They are both lesbians with a fetish for pantyhose and this time they want to envolve a man among their nylon perverse games.
Therefore they publish an advert on a well-know pantyhose blog to get a date with a dude sharing their same passion. Just after a couple of hours Dimitry, a tall 35 yrs man, replies to their advert and so they establish to meet themselves at Glenda’s house.
Once Dimitry comes to Glenda’s, she offers him a drink and then introduce him to her fellow friend. Next they move near the sofa where Glenda begins to masturbate Elena moving her hand inside Glenda’s flesh-colored pantyhose. In the meantime Glenda make Dimitry more confortable by putting her hand inside her tights and then using her nylon clad hand to caress Dimitry’s balls and dick.
After that they sit all on the sofa and Dimitry began to stroke both women’s pussy with his hands, moreover after a while Dimitry moves to the bottom of the sofa and starts licking Elena’s pussy through the cotton panel of her tan pantyhose. At the same time Glenda performs a nice footjob on Dimitry’s dick by her nylon clad feet.

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Nasty girlfriends in flesh-colored tights stirring up their carnal desires

Suzanne has invited Goldie, her niece, to her home for lunch.
Suzanne is 43, redhead. Goldie is a 24 nice blond girl.
After the lunch, Suzanne wants to show Goldie a new pair of flesh-colored pantyhose she bought, so she unpack the tights asking Goldie to put them on.
Once Goldie starts to wear the pantyhose pulling it along her leg, Suzanne, very excited by the yound body of Goldie, begins to lick her niece’s nylon clad foot.
Goldie get astonished for a while due the action done by her aunt but then she decides to don’t stop her. So Suzanne continue seducing her niece and once Goldie has finished wearing the pantyhose, she starts licking Goldie’s pussy through the cotton panel of the pantyhose, as Goldie did not wear panties underneath her jeans skirt. Becoming hot thanks to this scenario Goldie starts to kiss her aunt’s lips, in exchange Suzanne removes the red top of the niece to kiss and caress her breasts intensively. After a while the two women begin to stroke their pussies face to face with an up-and-down sensual movement, until they both reach the orgasm groaning loudly…

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Female co-workers in soft silky pantyhose longing for lickety lunch-break

Donna and Emily are two sexy secretaries working in the same office. They are both lesbians and today they would like to get some relax duting the lunch break.
Donna is currently taking a look to a pantyhose blog she likes on the internet, soon she is approched from behind by Emily who starts caressing her nice tits through her wite skirt. Getting really hot Donna invites Emily to sits on her legs and once removed their skirts and bras, the two woman begin licking their breasts in turn and stroking their pussy languidly moving their bodied face to face.
The contact of the pantyhose between their skin makes the two colleagues very excited and so after a while, they move down to the floor and starts a nice 69, stroking their nylon legs and pussies together to get a rich climax.

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Female co-workers in classy hose savoring hot cuddles and kisses in office

Dalia and Mia, are two secretaries working inside the same office. They are both dressed with business attire and grey sheer pantyhose.
Dalia is currently working on the montly sales report with her pc, and she called Mia to get some assistance from her. Mia comes from the other room and looks to the monitor of Dalia, but instead of seeing the report she begun to sensually kiss Dalia’s neck, slowly moving to her chest and then licking the top of her breasts.
Dalia get excited soon by Mia, and left her colleague have her way with her body, moreover she started to remove her suit jacket and her white shirt. While Mia continues to tease Dalia, she is getting wet and so she starts to finger her pussy inside her tan pantyhose. Next Mia focus her mouth over Dalia’s pussy and begins licking it and sucking Dalia’s finger through the nylon. Then an over-excited Dalia, knee behind Mia and starts to lick her sweet shaved pussy from behind.

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