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Pantyhose kidnapped women and pantyhose slave girls

Pantyhose blog is going to show you some pictures taken from the making of “Tough Tactics”, a nylon fetish bondage movie released by Nylonknots. Nylonknots is pantyhose bondage erotic clips producer which can offer you a fine selection of pantyhose fetish pictures and movies featuring fetish fictional fantasies. Here’s an excerpt of the movie:
A deranged woman (Kat) and her friend (Wicked Nicki) are out to kidnap other women. They actually chase their prey, knock them down, tie them up and rob them of all their belongings: jewels, clothing, shoes and even hose! They first take advantage of their gagged and bound victims and then trade them as sex slaves. In this movie, we see Kat getting caught and arrested by police. She then undergoes interrogation by two female detectives (Louise & Sammie). Kat arrogantly tells about her past adventures (involving Nicki, Tanya and Tori), which we get to see as she narrates the details to the two detectives. Kat tricks one of the detectives into leaving the interrogation room and manages to free herself…
Will the second detective come back in time to rescue her partner and prevent Kat from escaping? We shouldn’t bet on that… I even think we might see more of Kat’s adventures in a subsequent movie!

You may download a preview of “Tough Tactics” by accessing this link:

Tough Tactics preview

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Aria Giovanni in Shiny Pantyhose

Aria Giovanni is dressing sexy shiny pantyhose. Aria is an outstanding brunette with a strong fetish for panyhose, especially for wearing them over her naked body and fill the nylon fabric while it sticks perfectly over her figure. She even pull the pantyhose on her sculputed breasts letting you imagine what you would suppose to do just to reach her delicious tits wrapped inside the lycra fabric.
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Aria Giovanni in Shiny Pantyhose She even pulls them over her tits! Aria Giovanni in Shiny Pantyhose She even pulls them over her tits!


Becky in pantyhose bondage

Sexy pantyhose is proudly to introduce you to Becky, a stunning pantyhose fetish model specializing in bondage from the themed website Nylon Knots. Nylon Knots is a pantyhose website focusing on fictional situations in which gorgeous woman are submitted by using ropes and pantyhose. Inside the website, you may find pictures and videos of woman gagged by nylon sheats, completely encased in nylon tubes, restrained and submitted by pantyhose mistress. If you like pantyhose glamour and bondage then we would like to suggest to access Nylon Knots and have a look on their preview.